The New Direction Band

        Band Members


Jim Raczkowski - co-founder" and "co-leader" of The New Direction Band, pointed the band in a new direction, does a lot of talking as our MC, sings all the pretty songs and plays drums. Jim has recorded six CD's and is the featured vocalist on both of our CD's give him a call if you would like to hire THE NEW DIRECTION BAND for your next party or event.

Ron Urbanczyk - the other "co-founder" and "co-leader" of the band, he is the business manager, handles the promotions and communications for the band and  plays Concertina,  bass guitar and some accordion and keyboard. Sings and helps out with the MC work. He has played with just about every polka band in Buffalo, recorded on six CD's, producing three  and authored a couple of books, wrote a lot of songs and even wrote, produced and directed the musical, Stas and Stella's  Mostly Traditional Polish Wedding  a Dinner Theatre.  Ron has escorted Buffalo polka fans on Caribbean Cruises, All Inclusive Polka Parties to Aruba, St. Martens and Punta Cana, tours to Poland, Germany and the Chech Republic and bus trips the Adirondack Polka Festival and Polka Motion by the Ocean.  

Ron was inducted into the BUFFALO MUSIC HALL OF FAME, Class of 2011. 


Bob Krupka aka Flash - Our trumpet player. provides lead vocals and backup vocals (the journeyman in the band because he's played with so many bands and in so many places, he is well recognized in the polka industry.) Bob has recorded on ten cd's with bands from Buffalo to Miami.


Frank Zeczak - a long time musician with many talents, he plays the clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, trumpet, guitar, bass, accordion, drums and even does some singing. Frank also writes the musical arrangements for the band. Frank has recorded three CD's. A long time musician in the Buffalo area, sometimes called Country Frank because he grew up on a farm out in Arcade, NY.  He's a college professor and a Baptist minister too.  Pastor Frank  has his own web site at 


Gene  Rzeznik- we are  excited for the return of one of our original band members a veteran musician who plays bass guitar, lead guitar and brings his special talents and vocals to the band. Geno has recorded on four CD's and plays the lead character in Stas and Stella's Mostly Traditional Polish Wedding  aka Fr Geno...

Bass & Vcals

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